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Wars and rumors of war

Wars and rumors of war,Christ told us about what is taking place right now,the Black Lives Matter movement is being used now by those that care nothing about black lives,and for that matter,don’t care about any human being that is not in alignment with these subhuman people,that simply desire to destroy what Almighty God has spoke into being,they will not succeed because nothing or no one is able defeat our Great God who created the Heavens and the earth and all between them there is,but the devil knows that he will not achieve what he has made people believe he can through his lies that he has duped them into believing and following,he knows that those that line up with him will be destroyed and end up in hell,and the Lake of Fire just like him throughout eternity,there is no hope for him,and so he has nothing to lose,what I see happening here now is the same thing that happened when Moses was leading Israel out of Egypt’s Land and the Vagabonds snuck in with Israel when they were leaving Egypt,and after some days after going deep into the wilderness,they rose up and begin to stir up Israel and attempt to turn them against Moses and the plan of God,what we have now is people that desire to undermine the American people and destroy us from within,there is going to be death and destruction,because we have been allowing the enemy to build a Trojan Horse right in our midst,and with this Plague spread all over the land,many are confused,don’t know what to do,not knowing that the best move to make now is to turn our lives over to God,lay our all on the Altar of Sacrifice,and leave it there,and trust God to protect and defend us from whatever and whoever,this battle is not ours,it’s the Lord’s

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