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God is working in me and for me right now

God is working in me and for me right now, when I rose this morning,there was no doubt that God is working a great work in my family, I got up showered and did my total hygiene, and as I was praying I heard my phone ping,and I was moved to see who it was at the other end of the line, my grandson, Josh’s aunt had sent me a photo with Josh reading his bible,immediately, my eyes begin to brim over with tears, he is spending the weekend at his aunt’s home, Josh had gotten hooked on drugs,and it seemed that that was how he was to keep going, but just as God had a plan for my life, when I was on drugs,how he reached way down with His powerful hand and snatched my life out of Satan’s Jaws, and begin to work a great work in me, now my grandson has joined the Christian Band,and he is marching up the King’s Highway, I have to give God a Hallelujah Shout right here, thank Him for Stacey and her husband, and all those that has pitched in to help, I am so grateful to God for how He is working this thing out, the Apostle Paul in Romans 8:28 really put a powerful message out there when he penned, And we know, (the Real Believers), that all things work together for good to them that love God, who are the called according to His purpose, in this season that we are now in, the only one that we can put complete trust in is Jesus, Jesus.

Only is able to pick us up from where we have fallen and bring us up to total restoration, if you have not tried Him, I invite you right now to call unto Him, and ask Him to save you from this untoward generation, and even from yourself, to change your thinking, and doing things against Him, He is waiting on you right now to call out to Him, He will save you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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