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Good morning,

Our commitment and faith in Christ is being tested right now.  I look at the 12th Chapter of Hebrews where we are told that we are compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses who have trusted in the Lord until their end, and even though they are not here in the natural, their past lives show their commitment to Christ - how that in their dedication to Christ it is verified that they had received of Him, that surety that their labor for Christ would pay off after while. In our natural lives, when we are working a job, we look to the end of that work to receive our pay check with confidence knowing that we have done a work that is worthy enough to get paid the salary due us.  Now in this life, we have confidence that our natural employer is going to give fair pay for our work, how much more can we have the confidence in God to receive our just reward from Almighty God after that we have kept the faith, finished our course and will therefore be given eternal life wherein we will reside in heaven and reign with Christ throughout eternity.  We began this post by talking about being tested.  Christ underwent severe testing before hanging out on Calvary and eventually dying for our sins.  He did it for every man, woman, boy and girl that we might live in the Hereafter.  Christ was and now is our Blessed Hope.  During this Corona virus epidemic, it is very important for us believers to maintain our faith level in Christ, and then too, to raise our faith to a higher level by pressing on with as much vigor as we are able to muster.  Even like Job, no matter what comes, we must know that if we suffer for Christ, we will reign with Him in the end.

God bless you, Pastor Johnny Green

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