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Pastor Green and first Lady Gloria Green




Pastor Johnnie B. Green, Sr. was born in New Orleans La., on July 10th, 1949. His parents, Salone Sr. and Stella Mae Green, created a large family, and of this union, Pastor Green has four brothers Luster, Salone. Jr., Leslie and Mack, and four sisters, Mary, Pearl, Nellie and Sandra. Of his own issue, from a prior marriage, pastor had four children, Angela, Cedric, Johnnie Jr, and Avis.
    His early education includes graduation from West High School in Jackson, La, in 1967. He started his religious training while attending the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Wilson, La., under the tutelage of his uncle, Wilbert Green Sr., who was also his Pastor.  As a member of the choir, he found much joy in singing God's praises.
    As in the case with many youth, the sins of the world attracted him and, for a while, he was in Satan's grip, and lost sight of the Gospel joy he had been afforded. But God had His reasons for allowing him to "sow his oats", so to speak, and kept him in His fold, protecting him from major harm and premature death.
    In 1996, while still in New Orleans, he decided to leave his unsavory life and renewed his promise to God. When asked what happened to cause him to turn around, he said:
    "The defining incident that turned my life around was when God woke me up around 4:00 a.m. one Tuesday morning, and literally carried me from my home to the outside of my front yard, and I realized that here I was, on my knees, facing my home and hearing His voice telling me what He did NOT create me to do, and what He DID create me to do.
      Then He told me that He wanted me back on the same street where I was dealing drugs the day before, telling people about Him. But I said to Him "I don't know anything about You", but He said "you just go and I will give you what to say at that exact moment", and I did what He said and I'm yet doing what He said. That happened in 1996 and it's yet fresh in my mind.
    On June 11th, he left his hometown with only $38 cash in his pocket, and headed for the Big Apple, New York City.  He wasn't worried because as he stated, he was "rich in the Spiritual sense." He knew God had paved the road and already had plans for him. The goal set out for him was to lead those who did not know God to the road of salvation.
    On Nov.8, 2001, he met the woman of his dreams, Miss Gloria King, and immediately believed he had finally met the one person with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. On November 12th, 2001 they got engaged and went to New Orleans and were married there on December 19, 2001. They returned to New York to start their new life together.
    Pastor Green continued his education by attending the NYC Civilian Police Academy and graduated in 1967, obtaining a certificate as a Liaison between the populace and the police.
    God has opened unseen doors for him.  He accepted as the pastorship of the Bellevue Men's Shelter in Midtown, Manhattan, on 1st Avenue and 28th Street, at the mid-Manhattan non-denominational church where he became the pastor and was ordained elder and pastored there for six years.
    One day, Pastor was in Starbucks on 125th Street and Lenox Avenue where he happened to meet Deacon Reginald (Reggie) Broxton, a member of First Church of Christ Holiness, NYC.  Pastor was a contractor at that time and they began to talk about the need for repairs at the church. Pastor Green was invited to come to the church and decided to join.  Shortly thereafter, he became the current Pastor of FCOCHUSA, the First Church of Christ (Holiness) USA, New York, located at 1935 Madison Avenue in New York City.  He has been there for 12 years.  We are so happy to join with him in this celebration of his life.

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First Church of Christ Holiness welcomes all individuals seeking God’s love, and keep our doors open to every soul seeking to welcome Jesus into their hearts. We invite you to open your heart and allow His grace to penetrate into your soul.

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